A Popular Twitch streamer, Reynald Tacsuan, blew viewers’ minds by continuing to play in a Guilty Gear: Strive Twitch Rivals tournament despite being caught in an earthquake.

The unpredictability and spontaneity that real-time broadcasts bring is one of the reasons why fans love them. While this is usually true of live streaming, Reynald Tacsuan’s Guilty Gear: Strive tournament stream demonstrated that random events can affect any stream.

Along with a slew of other streamers, the content creator was competing in Twitch Rivals’ Guilty Gear: Strive tournament on September 17th.

Things were going well for the California-based player at first, but things took a turn for the worse when his entire house was shaken by an earthquake.

Tacsuan, on the other hand, was undeterred, snatching his Fightstick from his swaying desk, stabilizing it on his crouching knee, and continuing his in-game duel.

He cursed with some skepticism and said that there’s an earthquake, he did not actually believe it at first but he screamed again and confirmed that there’s really an earthquake and he told his viewers to hold on and he even asked them what to do.

On Reynald’s Twitter, another angle was created, showing the streamer crouched in front of his setup, his gear perched precariously on his lap.

Afterwards, He tweeted that he will either die in that earthquake or he is going to win it, whatever it takes.

Despite California’s proclivity for earthquakes, the streamer was caught completely off guard by the tremors.

Many viewers couldn’t believe his laid-back demeanor as he adjusted his setup to keep representing NA in the Twitch Rivals tournament.

It’s one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen on a live stream, but full credit to Reynald for not letting it get in the way of his work.

Official state guidance, on the other hand, is likely to advise against staying put to play video games during an earthquake.