While playing Cuphead DLC The Delicious Last Course, Asmongold lost his cool and slammed his controller, breaking it on stream.

Depending on the player’s skill and the overall difficulty of the game, different games may make players angry. Games like Cuphead have introduced uncommonly difficult levels that are challenging to play but have a more just and satisfying outcome once progress is made. However, if a player makes even a small error and their progress is penalized by being lost, they may become angry. 

Asmongold recently stream the Cuphead DLC The Delicious Last Course during which he lost control of his controller out of rage.

A run-and-gun platformer with hand-drawn animation in the 1930s style, Cuphead was created by Studio MDHR. When it was first released, the game caused a stir thanks to its punishing gameplay, beautiful music, and eye-catching visuals; it even inspired a Netflix series. After a protracted wait, Cuphead’s DLC, featuring an even harder difficulty, was recently made available, giving fans even more of what they adored about the game. Asmongold, a Twitch and YouTube streamer best known for playing games like World of Warcraft, started streaming the DLC as soon as it was available.

Asmongold recently broke his controller while playing through the Chef Saltbaker boss fight while streaming the latest Cuphead DLC for his YouTube subscribers.

He can be seen playing through the boss battle in a clip uploaded to Asmongold’s clips channel, taking some damage, pausing the game, and then slamming the controller on his desk out of frustration. The broken handle is visible when the controller is once again in view, because of clips like these, fans of Cuphead shouldn’t be concerned that the DLC won’t match the base game’s punishing difficulty and enjoyment. Due to their difficulty and challenge, games like Cuphead have the potential to cause numerous broken controllers and rage-quits among platforming gamers.

Asmogold is well known for his opinions on the games he enjoys, particularly when he regularly streams them. Asmongold’s rage is understandable given the punishing nature of Cuphead, which has a level of difficulty on par with games like Celeste, Super Meat Boy, and Hollow Knight, though it may be over the top in some ways.

Rage quits like Asmongold’s are common in video games, but with Cuphead’s release, the fates of players’ controllers are in jeopardy. It’s understandable to feel frustrated, as Asmongold did during his playthrough, but Cuphead fans should be ready to take breaks in between sessions in order to avoid spending too much money on new controllers.