Daequan Loco or simply Daequan has recently posted a video of him opening up about major health issues leading to his absence from Twitch.

Back in 2020, Daequan took an indefinite hiatus from the platform as well as the game. Ever since, fans have been trying to figure out the reason behind this. Both the Twitch and Fortnite communities missed this pro, so it was definitely exciting for the fans to see him back in the game and streaming after a long time.

Now, on his recent twitch stream return, Daequan revealed the reasons behind his absence from the world of gaming. We know that his health wasn’t in the best form and Daequan wanted to focus more on it. He explained that the situation even reached a point where the streamer couldn’t do any sort of physical activity, play any sport, or just dance casually.

Based on what he said, it seems that they are quite severe, and he certainly deserves an applause for making it this far. Thankfully, he claimed that he is in a much better shape right now. According to Daequan, illness has plagued him for five to six years as he stated; “I was sick for five to six years. From 19 pretty much to 26… And on top of that, I had those lung collapses, which also prevented me from doing what I wanted to do. Any sports out the window. Anything athletic out the window.”

His condition was so severe that he was not allowed to participate in sports, or even dance, as it put just too much strain on his lungs, and could even cause them to collapse. However, Daequan is happy to share that he is currently a lot better and that these issues are hopefully a thing of the past now as he added; “I’m so happy to say I’m over all that s–t, bro. I’ve been doing so many things that I used to do, and I’m genuinely happy now.”