While the internet may be unaware of Corpse Husband’s true identity, he appears to have made a significant impact on YouTube with his instantly recognizable voice and music. Corpse is known for his deep, low-pitched, heavy voice and for narrating horror stories. This has been a huge part of his success since he first rose to prominence, and it has also landed him a well-deserved project.

Corpse Husband announced on his Twitter account that he will be providing an English dub voice for the character Ojiro in the Tribe Nine anime.

Corpse is set to provide the English dub for Ojiro’s character in the anime Tribe Nine, as seen in the above tweet; the creators of this anime are the same ones who brought us Danganronpa and Akudama Drive.

Corpse appears to be overjoyed and satisfied with his first role as a voice actor. Many people, including his fans and other organizations, have congratulated him on landing this role.

Check out how eminent streamer Jacksepticeye congratulated Corpse Husband on his recent accomplishment.

This is one of the coolest things that MrBeast has read all week, and he has joined in to congratulate Corpse! The 100 Thieves‘ Tina has also congratulated Corpse on his incredible achievement, saying that it’s the perfect first role for him.

Brooke, another well-known character from the film 100 Thieves, has also congratulated Corpse on his new accomplishment.

Despite the fact that he has no face, some fans believe he resembles the character he will be portraying in the anime!

Emma Langevin, a Twitch streamer, is absolutely correct when she says that Corpse is getting cooler by the day, and the fans will no doubt agree!