Clint Stevens, a speedrunner, informed his audience that he had figured out the true meaning of an emote they had been spamming in his chat.

Clint Stevens is a well-known Twitch speedrunner who once held the record for the second-fastest time to complete The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is known for streaming infrequently, sometimes going months without doing so.

Clint Stevens shared with his audience that he had a realization a few days prior about an emote that was being used in his chat while playing ThroughSoftware’s latest game Elden Ring.

While the platform has many emotes, only a few are used to convey a clear, unifying message that can be understood at first glance in a Twitch chat, such as the emote “Pog.”

Clint was not up to date on the most recent Twitch emotes, so seeing BatChest for the first time caused him to misinterpret it as serious excitement.

He made a joke with his audience and explained what the emote meant to him. After expressing his dissatisfaction with his chat, he claimed that when using the emote, everyone was enjoying the stream.

With the speedrunner’s misinterpretation of the BatChest, one might wonder how many other streamers are unfamiliar with the meanings of various emotes.