Popular Twitch streamer Zack “Asmongold” discussed Bacari “Mizzy”‘s” highly controversial actions on July 8, 2023.

To put things in perspective, the latter is an 18-year-old British internet prankster who became well-known for initiating a trend of breaking into others’ homes. In addition, he was charged with a “anti-Semitic hate crime” by content producer Oli London. Asmongold was checking tweets during the livestream when he came across the TikToker’s most recent antics, in which he was spotted causing a commotion in a convenience shop. Then, some viewers brought up Mizzy’s earlier practical joke in which he tried to “hijack” a train.

The MMORPG streamer offered his opinions on the matter, adding that if he had been in charge, he would have put the TikToker in jail for his actions: “Yeah, he went on in a train and, like, he didn’t steal it. But, like… if he did some stupid a*s s**t, he should’ve – honestly, like, for that… like, if I was, like, the government, I would put him in jail. For, like, a couple of months for that at least. Right? Just because that puts other people’s lives at risk.” 

Asmongold, as previously said, came upon Mizzy’s most recent practical joke in which he wrecked a convenience shop while perusing the trending tweets on Twitter. The Twitch celebrity then said: “Bro, this kid is an unironic menace. Look at this! (The streamer starts watching Mizzy’s most recent prank) Man… like, in a certain point – it’s just being annoying! It’s just being an annoying a*s f**king kid!”

The TikToker was then mocked for “speedrunning to jail,” according to fans. One True King’s (OTK) co-founder claimed that Mizzy’s actions demonstrated the “failure of the system”: “I feel bad. I think that, you know… you see a kid like this and really, how it… (The streamer reads another fan stating that Mizzy is a ‘menace’) He’s probably not being a menace. What’s he really doing? He’s just being f**king annoying. Yeah, that’s true. I mean, he’s not really a menace. Yeah, it’s just that… I mean, people do somebody like this a disservice by not keeping them in check. You know, I think this is kind of a failure of the system. Right?”

Asmongold predicted that Mizzy would experience consequences for going too far in the future. He cited the Kick streamer’s arrest in Thailand as an example, Paul “Ice Poseidon” “Not making a person like this have any accountability. Because eventually, this dude is going to step over the line and do something that’s going to get him in a lot of trouble. Like, we almost saw this happen with Ice Poseidon. Right? Where, like, Ice Poseidon was facing five years in jail over some bulls**t in Thailand?”