A small streamer on Twitch, Clint Karacson has recently called out on Twitch asking to take action and permanently ban his ex-girlfriend who is a partnered streamer on the platform, Sevinth.

Clint Karacson’s ex-girlfriend is Megan Selvidio, also known as Sevinth on Twitch. Sevinth was previously arrested for “assault, causing bodily injury and family violence”. Back on July 17th, the charges were filed against Sevinth but she was later released on bail.

However, even after the accusations against her she surprisingly still continues to be a Twitch partner. Clint Karacson has alleged that the streaming platform continues to ignore his request to get his ex-girlfriend banned even after the assault charges leveled against her. Because of this, Clint has continuously called out Twitch for not banning her.

He also accused the streaming platform of blatant sexism, pointing out that if the roles had been reversed, he would have received an instant ban. During his most recent live broadcast, Clint shows an arrest record for Sevinth, and the injuries she allegedly inflicted upon him. He then showed images of injuries sustained to his head. Here’s what he said; “I’ve got permanent scars on my face now. It’s f**king bullsh*t. Everybody wants to laugh about it, it’s a guy getting scratched by a 100lbs girl. Let’s just say I was the partnered streamer and I was charged with that sh*t, and I went to jail, I would already be banned off Twitch. Twitch doesn’t give a f**k about that.”

For now, Clint still awaits Twitch revoking Sevinth’s partnership and handing her a permanent ban. Sevinth has still not responded to the allegations as she continues to stream. It remains to be seen whether Twitch will end up taking strict action against her or continue to favor drama.