Sykkuno is one of the most well-known of a growing number of Twitch stars who have moved to YouTube. When Twitch emailed him a contract with his name spelled incorrectly, the streamer felt he was being treated with disrespect and care.

Sykkuno appears to be having a good time on his new platform. While a lucrative contract with YouTube and the feeling of working for a company that cares about him certainly help, he still misses Twitch for a few things. In fact, it’s what almost convinced him to stick with his old streaming service.

While Sykkuno is correct that the Twitch community he built did not vanish when he left the platform, he may be suffering from the effects of having to rebuild some of his audience. When several popular streamers switched from Twitch to YouTube, their viewership dropped, owing to more users flocking to Twitch’s friendly confines, whereas YouTube continues to grow its streaming audience and tries to make the platform more conducive to viewers looking for streamers.

While he misses the Twitch community, he appears to be content with his decision to leave the platform.

Even if there aren’t quite as many viewers as on some of his most popular Twitch days, it appears Sykkuno is content with the community he still has on YouTube.