Ready Player One was released to the general public in 2018. The film was set in a dystopian society dominated by virtual reality, in which citizens were immersed in and addicted to the escapism that virtual reality provided. What’s important to note is that in the first few minutes of the film, battle royale games are seen being played on virtual reality sets, the same battle royale games that we see today on both PCs and consoles.

The idea of a virtual reality battle royale isn’t completely insane; society isn’t too far removed from the world of Ready Player One. The film depicted the development of Full Dive Virtual Reality, which today’s technology is on the verge of being able to handle.

Even though the fictional depiction of a society distorted by virtual reality does not provide a hopeful outcome of virtual reality advancements, especially when paired with stress-inducing games like battle royales, behavioral professionals view that stress as positive in that players are able to handle stress in other environments outside of VR. Furthermore, it creates a new skill set that can aid players in the ever-advancing technological age.

Players may be harmed as a result of the integration of battle royale games into virtual reality. When you consider how influential the streaming world and popular figures are, following in the footsteps of your favorite content creators can lead to poor decisions.

When it comes to VR’s current popularity, there isn’t a large community of people who are enthusiastic about the technology. It’s primarily used for its chatting features and some rhythm games. Nobody knows how the merger of the battle royale and virtual reality communities will affect the video game industry. Accessibility, quality, and reputability are all factors that contribute to the general interest. Most professional battle royale players have very specific systems they play on; switching to VR would require the console to provide a unique element that players haven’t seen before in order for them to commit to playing in virtual reality.

Several fans recalled their childhood memories of playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on the Nintendo 64.

Other Twitter users cited emotional moments in the Nintendo franchise, such as Ravio’s reveal of his true identity in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds or Link and Zelda’s romance in Skyward Sword.

While Nintendo did not provide much in the way of celebration, the fans demonstrated that they have more than enough resources to honor the series that has given them so much. They’ll have one more game to celebrate when Breath of the Wild 2 is released.