A popular streaming platform Twitch is testing a feature that aims to supply a brand new option for streamers to market their broadcasts.

At the instant, this test is merely targeting streamers with but 250 followers.

Twitch is testing a replacement feature that promises to relinquish streamer streams more visibility, bypassing algorithmic dynamics.

In other words, content creators and streamers will rely upon their audience to realize more exposure on Twitch. And in fact, this dynamic is creating controversy.

It is not an option that you just attempt to be available all the time, rather it’ll show up during a broadcast. On a random basis, users who form up the audience are notified that they need the likelihood to spice up the streamer, which the transmission appears to recommend on the Twitch cover. And for this, they’ll need to get a series of recommendations.

At the instant, Twitch mentions two tiers available to get. Viewers can make a choice from 1,000 recommendations at about $ 0.99, or 3,000 recommendations at $ 2.97.

These promotions won’t be permanently shown to the user, but will have about 10 minutes during the print to settle on this feature or ignore it. And in fact, the streamers will have the corresponding data to determine the impact that this function is causing on their traffic.

Keep in mind that this can be just an experiment, therefore the dynamic it proposes may change over time, or it should never be officially implemented by Twitch.

At the moment, this feature is barely being tested with a small group of streamers, so we’ll have to wait to work out what feedback Twitch receives on this new dynamic.