Following the recent hacking scandal that has completely engulfed FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode, the game’s developers have apologized to players.

Many of the top 100 players on the Transfer Profit leaderboard have complained to EA Sports about their accounts being emptied of millions of Coins and valuable cards without their permission.

This appeared to be a recurring issue since the release of FIFA 22 in October 2021, and the Canadian gaming organization had remained silent on the subject until now.

Major influencers, such as Twitch streamer Nick (runthefutmarket), were recently hacked, prompting a petition to urge EA to take action to address the breach of player accounts.

This may have prompted EA to respond, but they have finally broken their silence about the ongoing account security issues.

EA issued a statement acknowledging that account security has a human component and that they “must do better” when it comes to protecting customers’ information, with staff retraining planned to address hacking issues.

They also estimated that phishing techniques had taken over less than 50 accounts, though many gamers believe this figure is greatly exaggerated.

Although it is encouraging that the community is finally receiving clear information on the subject, many people will remain concerned about the personal information that may have been exposed as a result of phishing and other social engineering techniques.

While the apology was eventually accepted, those who had their accounts hacked may still be concerned, which could lead to other accounts being hacked, which could be much more serious.