It’ll be fascinating to see what happens with the New World in the coming weeks, especially if we see something similar to AnnieFuchsia’s absurd cow-milking prohibition.

Asmongold is a popular Twitch streamer who is known for his critics and also for having invested well over 100 hours in the most recent closed beta. He’s been piquing public interest in Final Fantasy XIV but it appears he’s also considering giving New World a shot. However, if Amazon Games intends to deploy Asmongold successfully, certain essential features of the game must be addressed. In a recent YouTube video, Asmongold listens to another streamer, KiraTV, criticize New World before interjecting with his own opinions.

Early in the video, Asmongold’s first significant critique of New World is that it isn’t ready to be released in a month. He describes it as “so dysfunctional, so sluggish, so damaged.” While he believes that the trading system adds to New World’s success in uniting gamers, he believes that the current sluggish system will become much slower as more players join the game. He compares the game’s basic movement and attack pattern motion tracking to if Amazon “hired a crackhead, placed the motion trackers on him, and said ‘go have fun.'”

Asmongold is also enraged by the primary plot quest path in New World. He shows his dissatisfaction with it by standing up from his seat and playing them out, and his annoyance appears to derive from the game’s apparent poor objective detection and bug-ridden quests. Although he praises New World’s crafting, he is concerned about the predominance of endgame goods that cannot be sold, which might lead to a situation where “everyone simply gets the finest gear in the game.”

While some of these critiques are just one person’s perspective, numerous closed beta testers have reported performance difficulties with the game. New World may be the most well-known for bricking 3090 GPUs, but other CPUs and GPUs have also been affected. It’s unclear how Amazon Games plans to fix these difficulties before August 31st, but the business should put in significant effort from now until then to ensure a successful launch of the new MMORPG.

The PC version of New World is set to be published on August 31st.