A Twitch video shows a streamer and his 8-month-old baby moments before the streamer logs off, just as the baby says its first word.

Twitch and other social media platforms that require influencers and streamers to be online for long periods of time frequently result in hilarious, embarrassing, or even heartwarming moments being captured on camera. Typically, these clips capture mostly amusing moments that then go viral, such as one clip showing a cat shutting down a Twitch stream. Some Twitch personalities gain and maintain their popularity by capturing these funny moments, though Twitch can also capture some wholesome moments.

Arex, a popular Twitch streamer with nearly 150k followers, has been streaming with his 8-month-old baby as a guest on some of his streams recently. Arex’s viewers frequently comment on how adorable his baby is, and since Twitch gets to watch the wholesome cuteness alongside some gameplay of whatever game Arex is streaming, a surprising moment recently caught both Arex and his viewers off guard.

Arex is about to log off in a video of him playing the popular new Pokemon Legends: Arceus when he speaks to his baby for a moment. He first asks the baby to say “mama,” but the baby appears to have other ideas for its first word.

When Arex asks the baby to say goodnight and chat, the baby looks directly at the camera before saying anything. This was a heartfelt moment for everyone who witnessed it live and who has since watched the video.

Users pointed out that not only did the Twitch streamer’s baby say “goodnight,” but she also waved at the camera, implying she knew where the viewers were, in the comments of the Reddit post where the clip can be found. Many people thought Arex’s baby’s language skills were advanced at 8 months old. The wholesome moment was attributed to good parenting and a smart child by Reddit users, though most were simply pleased to see a proud parent and their baby.

However, according to one Reddit user, this may not be Arex’s baby’s first word. This would explain why Arex is more surprised that the baby says “goodnight” rather than saying anything at all in the Twitch video. Whether or not it’s the baby’s first word, the video is still very sweet. Like one streamer who had a heartwarming reaction when a long-lost fan returned to her stream, Twitch can be a place for wholesome reactions like these.