Twitch has been taken over by the reaction meta. Many of the platform’s biggest streamers have adopted the practice as a central form of content, from televised content to YouTube videos. While some users believe that reactions are a legitimate and acceptable form of content, others believe that it is an immoral practice that takes advantage of others’ hard work.

In a 14-page document titled “How The React Grift Works,” Twitch streamer DarkViperAU made several bold claims in the accompanying tweet, claiming that all reactors are bad people who exploit others to benefit themselves and no one else, but themselves.

DarkViperAU’s claims have not gone unchallenged. MoistCr1TiKal and Mizkif, two popular streamers and avid reactors, have both disputed the allegations. Asmongold, the co-founder of OTK, also spoke out in support of the react meta, fresh off his return to his main stream.

In his opinion, the well-known Twitch streamer was firm. Companies that expressly contract content creators as co-streamers to react to content, according to Asmongold, have validated reaction content. Despite the fact that the ethical issues surrounding reaction content are unlikely to be resolved, one of the platform’s most popular streamers has voiced his dissatisfaction.