Apex Legends was released in early 2019 by Electronic Arts as a battle-royale game that aimed to compete with other big names in the genre, such as Fortnite.

The FPS camera and setting in the Titanfall universe set Apex Legends apart from other similar games. The game is free to play, so you can give it a try without spending any money.

The gameplay mechanics in Apex Legends include a ‘Hero-Shooter’ approach, where each character has unique abilities that you must use to be the last survivor.

Players in Apex Legends are currently experiencing issues such as missing Twitch drops and network packet loss.

Twitch drops are a way for Apex Legends developers to reward players. Players must connect their EA accounts to the PlayApex Twitch channel and watch streams for a set amount of time in order to qualify.

Many players claim that their Apex Legends Twitch drops have vanished for no apparent reason. However, the Apex Legends team is already aware of the problem and is looking into it, and there are currently no details on an ETA for a fix.

Players in Apex Legends are also experiencing packet loss, which has a direct impact on matches. Network issues such as constant freezing/stuttering during gameplay are caused by packet loss.

The developers have yet to issue an official statement on this last issue.