Players in Apex Legends are discovering entire teams living within the walls of an invisible room on Storm Point that is being used as a deadly trap.

People like Reddit user ‘Petervg1810’ noticed that a team was freely entering and exiting Antenna’s hollow-bottomed bridge.

Players can use the three bridges in the POI to get to the dense loot spawns in the center of the area. When a player walks by, however, they are surprised to see a team waiting for them out of nowhere. Teams are strategically using the area around those bridges, as seen in Petervg1810’s clip, but those plans are being completely derailed by the glitch.

Apex players are pleading with Respawn to fix the exploit, which is being used in both casual and competitive playlists. 

Since its release, Storm Point has had a few map glitches fixed. Previously, there were places on the map where people would fall through the ground to their deaths. We’ve seen Respawn respond quickly to game-breaking glitches in the past, and Apex Legends players are hoping the same will be true for Storm Point’s invisible room.