Female twitch streamer that goes by the name AnnieFuchsia has been permanently banned from Amazon’s MMORPG ‘New World’ and the reason behind the ban was completely bizarre.

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. Many streamers are getting their first chance to try out the game including twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia. However, AnnieFuchsia had quite the unfortunate first day trying out the game as she encountered one of the strangest bugs during her time playing the game on stream.

While venturing through the early stages of the game, Annie began milking a cow. And after receiving its resources, a permanent ban message appeared upon the screen. Seeing the notice, AnnieFuchsia was in complete shock as she exclaimed “What?! It’s not even spelled correctly!”, as the notice originally spelled ‘PERMANENT BAN’, the pop-up didn’t provide any help determining why she had been banned either, with it simply stating; “Reason: You have been banned.”

Because of this, AnnieFuchsia initially thought that milking cows wasn’t allowed on the game but shortly after, it turns out twitch streamer Asomongold heard about her ban and went on to call her to some assistance. Twitch streamer Asmongold informed her that he talked to someone from the New World and they are also watching Annie’s stream and that they said that the ban was an accident. Annie replied in confusion stating; “Oh, so it’s okay to milk cows?!” Then Asmongold further responded jokingly stating; “Unfortunately.”

Thankfully, Annie was able to get back to playing the game once the servers had been reset a short time later. Because the game is still in Closed Beta, it’s very likely the spelling and absurd bans get resolved, but it was quite the weird first impression of Amazon’s MMO, to say the least.