Popular Twitch streamer xQc and kickboxer-turned-influencer Andrew Tate recently got into a heated argument over sexism during a stream.

During the discussion with xQc, Tate, who has received harsh criticism for his online views that are sexist and misogynistic, had a massage. Adin Ross, LosPollosTV, Trainwrecks, and other fellow streamers joined the Discord call at various points during the heated discussion.

When Andrew Tate compared his girlfriend being hit on by other men to someone attempting to break into his locked car, that became one of the biggest topics of conversation. Tate’s comparison was immediately seized upon by XQc, who claimed that it was only accurate if the women had the intelligence of a person who is immobile, incapable of thought, and merely affixed to the side of the fucking curb.

After Tate made the sarcastic concession that if he and xQc dated the same women, they would act better for Tate than xQc, xQc again flipped the script on Tate’s car analogy. Tate seemed to tire of the analogy after a while and declared that he had wasted enough time in his life conversing with someone who would send his girl downstairs to mingle with men in a bar.

Tate left the Discord call before xQc could respond, which caused Ross and LosPollos to laugh as well as xQc to look blankly at the chat. Since the discussion ended earlier than anticipated, it’s unlikely that Tate and xQc will engage in a confrontation again anytime soon.