As his reaction to her streams gains traction, Amouranth has begun to tease her appearance on Howard Stern’s show.

Amouranth was recently discovered by Howard Stern, a veteran DJ known for shocking his audiences with explicit material. Stern reacted live on his show to Amouranth sleeping on stream, which he didn’t understand.

On his show, Stern, 68, was introduced to Twitch streaming, and he eventually made his way to the website’s hot tub streaming sections. From there, he met Amouranth, who was performing a sleeping stream.

Stern joked that he wouldn’t watch it unless the person was extremely attractive. He did, however, ask if people could watch and if it was good. This raises the question of why these sleep streams have become so popular on the platform.

Amouranth’s sleep streams can attract a sizable audience, with one example Stern cited reaching around 40,000 viewers while the streamer slept.

These sleep streams on TikTok are frequently accompanied by a challenge to the audience to wake them up or disturb them by submitting gifts that activate various alerts. However, these videos are frequently discovered to be pre-recorded in an attempt to obtain money from TikTok after converting the various gifts.

Amouranth’s sleep streams drew a lot of attention from viewers, and the Twitch chat had to be moderated during her nap to keep bad actors out.

Amouranth’s appearance on Howard Stern is part of her plan to break into the mainstream while also beginning to distance herself from her more explicit, older material.

Her OnlyFans account will be deactivated in the coming weeks as Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, refocuses her efforts on producing higher-quality Twitch content. This includes her upcoming event, Streamer Royale, and her goal of providing the competitors with a private jet.

Howard Stern’s show is currently broadcast on Sirius XM, which has a subscriber base of around 34 million people – though there are no direct figures for Stern’s show.