Hackers are still common in Warzone, but it appears that they’re now showcasing their aimbots with Vanguard weapons.

The Warzone Season 6 update has officially arrived, bringing with it a slew of new weapons for gamers to try out. While the Call of Duty community is busy figuring out the optimal loadouts for the new Grav AR and.410 Ironhide shotgun, it appears that two Vanguard weapons have been revealed ahead of their official release.

The STG44 and M1 Garand may both be seen in Warzone’s Gunsmith right now. Despite this, these weapons are not usable in Warzone’s normal modes. Hackers, on the other hand, didn’t take long to figure out how to unlock them.

Many players have been curious to see how the STG44 and M1 Garand perform in Warzone after hearing that Vanguard weapons can use up to ten attachments. Indeed, a mechanism has just been uncovered that allows players to test both guns in any game style with the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade.

Whether this was done on purpose or not, a group of hackers appears to have discovered a way to employ Vanguard weapons in Warzone’s basic modes.

Popular streamer Symfuhny began running towards the opponent player’s location after picking up a Bounty. The streamer, on the other hand, soon found themselves on the receiving end of some laser-guided gunfire. As a result, Symfuhny was eliminated before he could fire a single shot, leaving the streamer confused about what had just happened. However, it wasn’t until Symfuhny saw the killcam that he realized the hacker was using both the STG44 and the M1 Garand.

Although it’s unclear whether the hacker had access to all ten attachments, the STG44 appeared to have a lightning-fast TTK. As more hackers gain access to these weapons, expect to see more of them, so don’t be surprised if you land up on the receiving end of one of these Vanguard weapons.