Well-known Twitch streamer Amouranth revealed what she recently bought with her $1 million birthday present.

Amouranth has been open recently about her investments, like how she bought multiple gas stations for passive income and tax breaks. Twitch and other content creators made a ridiculous amount of money, and she decided to put that money to work with her investments, spending $1 million on another investment as a birthday present to herself.

She was born on December 2, 1993, and recently celebrated her 28th birthday. She has invested $1 million in Visa stock as a birthday present to herself. Visa has been around for over 60 years and has a huge presence in the credit card industry, so this should be a relatively safe investment for the streamer.

Needless to say, her $1 million investment in Visa will certainly pay off in the long run.

Apart from discussing her investments she also discussed her ultimate goal with the money she earns. Amouranth plans to retire eventually, and she plans to use the money she’s made from her investments, Twitch streaming, and other ventures to open an animal shelter that won’t rely on donations to stay afloat.

Amouranth has amassed enough wealth to be able to retire from Twitch and work in general and be financially secure for the rest of her life. She stated that she intends to continue Twitch streaming and earning money in other ways until her investments begin to outpace her earnings. It’s always possible that Amouranth will be forced to leave Twitch early, so fans should be aware of this possibility.

Amouranth has been banned by Twitch on several occasions, all of which were eventually lifted. There was some concern that the most recent Amouranth Twitch ban would be permanent, but that ban was also eventually lifted. Also, it is possible that she will be permanently banned from Twitch.

Even if her Twitch ban is upheld, she will definitely not be financially harmed. Amouranth made millions from Twitch streaming alone,  and makes money in other ways. When the money Amouranth earns from Twitch streaming and content curation is added to the passive income she receives from her investments, it’s clear that she’ll be financially secure regardless of whether Twitch kicks her off the platform.