Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel decided to look through his Twitch unban requests, and unlike some other streamers, he chose the most ruthless method for quickly sifting through as many as possible.

xQc is the most popular Twitch streamer, with tens of thousands of people tuning in every day to see what he’s up to.

As a result, his chat is always very active, to the point where you can barely see your own messages because they’re long gone by the time you hit enter.

This does mean, however, that xQc’s chat is inundated with more unwanted messages than the average streamer, as well as nearly 10,000 unban requests to respond to.

xQc decided to look at his unban requests during his January 30 stream to see what he was dealing with, and he quickly discovered the best way to deal with them.

While the Canadian star was initially sifting through people’s messages to determine whether they truly deserved an unban, his role quickly shifted, and by the end, he was essentially an unban request speedrunner.

xQc whizzed through his requests, commenting as he went and saying things like “Denied.”

By the time he was done, xQc had reduced the number of unban requests from around 8600 to around 7873, effectively eliminating over 800 requests.

He also took advantage of the opportunity to remind his viewers that people are rarely banned for “no reason,” and questioned who the “dumb f**ks” are who are actually banned.

While streamers like Pokimane and Valkyrae may take their time considering their strange unban requests, xQc isn’t so patient.