Adin Ross recently made an appearance on the July 15th episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast where he went on to discuss his relationship status including his relationship with the internet star Corinna Kopf.

Earlier this year, Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf kissed live on stream which prompted the speculation that the two were dating. They also do not do anything to quell the rumors that fuel the speculation even more. As a result of these rumors, both streamers have gained massive visibility and clout.

A week after the incident, Adin Ross acquired nearly 76,000 followers, while Corinna Kopf has been trending almost weekly on Twitter. Now, as Adin Ross sat down on an episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, he discussed some things including his relationship status and his past with Corinna Kopf.

It started when Mike Majlak seemingly asked Adin Ross if he and Corinna Kopf ever dated, to which Adin Ross quickly replied, stating; “I never dated Corinna Kopf. Never dated.” However, it seems like Mike Majlak was unconvinced by his answer so he asked again but Adin denied it again stating; “Never dated Corinna. Promise. I never dated her. I have a girl; I don’t look at other girls.”

Adin Ross described his hot tub kiss with Kopf as a reward for reaching a specific subscriber goal in the podcast as the two kissed in a stream under the Twitch category: “Hot Tubs, Pools, and Beaches.”

After this, the conversation then shifted to Adin Ross discussing his relationship with TikTok star Pamibaby as Adin stated that Pamibaby is the best girl he could have asked for. Adin announced his relationship on his Instagram account, sharing a photo carousel of him and TikTok star Pamibaby who is best known for her TikToks involving lip-syncing and her lifestyle.