Adin Ross has come under fire yet again, this time for using a homophobic slur while streaming.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross has been heavily chastised in recent months for his close association with content creators who have been banned for making threats and sexual harassment. Adin Ross is now the target of ridicule after using a homophobic slur while thinking he was off-stream. Jake Lucky, co-owner of Full Squad Gaming and a frequent esports news source, shared the video on Twitter, causing the situation to go viral in the streaming community.

Despite the video evidence, Adin Ross’ friends and fans have vehemently defended him, claiming that he wasn’t even in the video in the first place.

Josh “YourRAGE,” who was streaming at the time Adin Ross used the slur, claimed it was his high school friend chatting with him on stream, not Adin Ross. Other fans rushed to the content creators’ defense, claiming that Jake Lucky is racist and mocks black streamers on purpose.

However, some people were perplexed as to why YourRAGE’s high school friend sounded so much like Adin Ross. It seemed like a far-fetched coincidence. This isn’t the first time Adin Ross has been chastised for his homophobia. Adin Ross stated that he was donating part of his streaming revenue to the “LG community” after being accused of being homophobic in the past, which has become a running joke in the streaming world.

YourRAGE and other similar content creators have been dubbed “W streamers” by the Twitch community, a shorthand for “normie streamers” who have fans who simply “spam W” in the chat.

With IShowSpeed and Izi Prime regularly getting in trouble for offensive behavior, it appears that Adin Ross’ association with other so-called “W streamers” is now being scrutinized.

Adin Ross has yet to comment on the video in which he is accused of using a homophobic slur. Despite the ongoing controversies surrounding his crew, his Twitter community continues to grow, with 1.3 million followers. Or perhaps partly as a result of it.