Adin Ross, a Kick streamer, was compelled to issue an apology after receiving criticism from the streaming community for his “transphobic rant.”

While Twitch has long held the top spot, Kick has emerged over the past few months as one of the biggest competitors to the Amazon-owned network. The new platform, which debuted in early 2023, has already attracted top talent from other platforms. One of them is Adin Ross, who after receiving a lifetime ban from Twitch joined the Kick and inked the “biggest streaming deal ever.” 

Since joining the platform, Adin has been at the center of a number of controversies, including asking followers to commit risky acts in exchange for money and posting sexually explicit content. The “poster boy” for Kick has now been compelled to apologize after going on a “transphobic rant.” Adin Ross recently went off-topic in a broadcast, criticizing people who choose to use various pronouns before claiming his own pronouns are “kill/them.”

The community was outraged by Adin’s “transphobic rant,” and many people criticized the well-known streamer. One post even caught Kick’s notice on Twitter.

Adin’s remarks incensed Trainwrecks, who demanded an apology from him before threatening to take legal action if he didn’t. Train said, “It’s a stupid stupid thing he said, but I’m going to give him a chance to go live today to apologize. If it’s anything short than that, then action will have to be taken. You can’t say it was a joke, that’s like the worst thing you could say that’s joke. But to say to kill/them is not a joke, in no way shape or form can you cop out and say it’s a joke.”

On April 1st, Adin discussed the issue live. The Kick star “apologized for absolutely f**king nothing,” in his own words, when everyone was anticipating an apology. He immediately corrected himself, apologized sincerely, and then declared that from now on, he would speak more sparingly. 

He said; “Real sh*t though, you all know damn well that we live in a crazy f**king world in 2023. When I tell someone to do something, such as kill or threat, I’m going to slow the f**k down with that, because we do live in a crazy f**king world. I would never ever in any type of way want anyone to ever harm themselves or do something violent with something that I’ve said. So, I’m going to be cautious on that end.”

Kick, however, is still a successful website. It’s understandable why more and more of Twitch’s best streamers are switching because of the lucrative agreements and improved revenue split.