Most followed streamer on Twitch Tyler Blevins aka Ninja has explained why he feels Twitch is the best streaming platform around and as to why Mixer missed its shot as a competitor during his latest live broadcast.

Ninja has become the most popular star on twitch. He was the first ever streamer who had the Fortnite Icon Series and he gained popularity for his gameplay and commentary on the game. However, there was a time that Ninja stepped out of the platform as he made a move into Microsoft Mixer and signed an exclusive deal and shortly after, fellow streamer Shroud followed him. When Microsoft announced that they were shutting down the Mixer and their streaming platform into facebook, Ninja decided to go back where he used to stream, on Twitch.

During his recent live broadcast, he recounted this move and explained why he thinks Twitch is the best streaming platform in the world right now.

Ninja said that he doesn’t think that any other platforms such as Youtube comes close to Twitch and that he didn’t even consider YouTube to be a notable competitor. Here’s what he said; “There’s literally nothing else but Twitch. Like, I almost don’t even look at YouTube as a competitor. In the sense that, like, if someone has a favorite YouTuber streaming on YouTube, they’ll watch them there.”

Furthermore, Ninja added that Mixer had a “fraction of a chance” to possibly take on Twitch if they used him and Shroud properly. It’s hard to say what kind of impact Mixer could have had if they played their cards right but one thing is certain. Twitch is by far the biggest name in streaming and the Amazon-own streaming service is not going away anytime soon.