A Pacific bug turned a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer’s parachute into a broken plane, crashing him into Caldera’s ground and the game into his desktop while he was competing in a $75,000 tournament.

Nobody is surprised when new games or major updates introduce a slew of bugs. Even fewer were surprised by Warzone: Pacific, as the game’s quality assurance testers left, raising even more concerns.

However, some bugs are just too strange to ignore. One particularly amusing example involved a player’s teammate being transformed into a massive grenade. A new example could have been amusing as well, but it came at the worst possible time.

Buzro won his Gulag while competing in the Twitch Rivals $75,000 tournament and attempted to return to action but when he tried to parachute down, he turned into a plane, then a person, then a plane, and then… the game crashed.

Buzro wins his Gulag with some clean jump shots, as you can see in the video. After that, he returns to Caldera and appears to transform into the re-deploy plane. The streamer had switched from plane to parachuter five times by the time he was about to hit the ground.

You can hear him, befuddled but composed, asking the game’s spirits to “let me out of the plane.” Eventually, the game crashed before he could hit the ground, and the entire tournament was postponed due to issues like this.

Other pros are already requesting more tournament delays as a result of this bug. Aydan, Warzone’s all-time highest earner, said he’s “in disbelief” that tournaments are even taking place right now.

Others, such as Knight, have asked if the community can “postpone tournaments so the experience isn’t ruined entirely.”

The cause of the plane-transformation-and-crash bug is unknown, but it’s far from the only issue developers are dealing with right now. While players were initially looking forward to a weapon balancing update, a bug-fix patch should probably take precedence right now.