Twitch streamer JustaMinx recently won the first fight of her fledgling fighting career against Yodeling Haley, a Tik Tok star who claims she will need a nose job after a bruising defeat.

After a bruising defeat by Irish Twitch streamer JustaMinx at the Creator Clash in Florida last night, Tik Tok star ‘Yodeling Haley’ joked that she needs a nose job.

With a brutal brawl at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, the social media duo made history as the first women to compete in an influencer boxing match in the United States. Minx, from the Irish province of Leinster, was taller and heavier, while Haley, with her dance background, was expected to be fitter.

From the first bell, both women went for broke, with Haley landing the cleaner shots in the early exchanges and arguably taking rounds. Despite her superior output in the early stages, the 19-year-old was unable to land punches of significant impact.

As the rounds progressed, both women grew tired, with the Irishwoman’s strength and size eventually showing as she landed a number of punishing shots in the second and third rounds. After both of her contact lenses were knocked out in the second round, Minx feared she had suffered a concussion, but she managed to push through and land big shots.

Finally, Haley was bloodied by Minx’s big left hand in the third round. She appeared to be on her way out after that, with the referee deciding enough was enough in the fourth to award the Irishwoman her first career victory.

Following the fight, Haley joked on Twitter about who would pay for her nose job, along with a photo of her injuries. Minx responded by promising to do the honors, stating that she would and that she is a beautiful scary psychotic human.

Minx was quick to praise her opponent for an onslaught throughout the fight when she spoke to Mirror Fighting after her victory.