Popular twitch Streamer xQc recently reacted to Pokimane’s tweet regarding the ending of her friendship with another streamer Greekgodx and disapproves of how the female streamer handled the situation after she was blocked by Greekgodx on Twitter.

Pokimane has been vocal about having a hard time this year and shared that she is also thinking about quitting and feeling burnt out after having a hard time balancing her work-life balance.

In her recent tweet, she shared to her fans and followers that she no longer be friends with Greekgodx and xQc reacts to it.

According to xQc, when you talked about poep[le being blocked, it says more about you than the other because that’s just how it is and said that Pokimane might get mad for him saying it but that’s not how things work and the fact that people backing up Pokiamne’s behavior is insane.

As of now, Pokimane still hasn’t responded to xQc’s comment and it’s unclear if she will.