Twitch streaming star Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently shared his take about YouTube removing the dislikes from the video platform as he warned YouTube, arguing that the downvote button is one of the most significant elements on the Google-owned website.

YouTube executives have recently stated that the website’s notorious “dislike” button will be removed in order to prevent “dislike attacks” and harassment. For a long time, the Google-owned platform has considered hiding or deleting the downvote button, initially proposing the idea in 2018 – interestingly, the same year their controversial YouTube Rewind movie became the site’s most disliked video ever.

Because of this, the whole internet is divided on YouTube’s new decision, with many arguing that making video dislike statistics public is important. Popular Twitch star xQc is on this side of the split, calling the move a “moronic mistake.”

During one of his recent live broadcasts after seeing YouTube’s announcement, xQc stated; “This just isn’t it. If you stand for dogsh*t values, you’re an asshat, you say bullsh*t in your videos, why should you [get likes]?”

The long-standing like-dislike system, according to xQc, has become an essential aspect of the YouTube ecosystem, with many viewers relying on the counts. He added; “If your views are dumb, and you’re a dumbass, the dislike counts tell people you’re a dumbass. Equally, all good things get likes and everyone can see that you approve. If you take away this system, anyone can come in, and say anything. Whenever a corporation or brand comes out with a disgusting, trash video that is full of evil things that they’re promoting, they’ll still have a perfect 100% like ratio. I don’t want to be over the top, but it’s wrong. YouTube has got this wrong. Surely they see that. Changing [a key feature] like this doesn’t make sense.”

YouTube’s standing line is that dislikes will be removed in order to prevent “dislike bombs” and hate-fueled harassment on videos, but the French-Canadian star is skeptical. All of the YouTube modifications will begin on Wednesday, according to Google.