Twitch recently announced a program that will help musicians on the streaming platform called The Collective.

Select musicians will be grouped into invite-only collectives, where they will be assisted in building communities and earning money from Twitch fans.

Twitch announced the news on Twitter, saying that ‘The Collective’ will support musicians of all genres, formats, and stages of their careers and that there are a lot of things that can help musicians succeed on Twitch. However, they’ve heard from a lot of musicians that it can be perceived as difficult to get started on Twitch.

That’s why they wanted to create a program to help creators succeed on their platform and that they want to help artists learn the livestream playbook for music because it is a new format, and they know there are certain behaviors, tools, and software setups that can surely really help musicians succeed.

The Collective’s musicians will be taught about streaming basics, community building, and monetisation tools, among other things and said that they are looking for artists who want to stream on a regular basis and help others in the community.

Twitch, as well as partners Rolling Stone and Amazon Music, will prioritize discovery, promotion, and activations for musicians who graduate from the program.

Following DMCA strikes for streamers using licensed music on-stream, Twitch and the music industry have had a tense relationship.