Twitch streamer xQc responded to MrBeast’s statement that his friend Chris Tyson might be a “nightmare” for his YouTube video, saying that he thinks MrBeast will “cut him off” if the issue becomes too serious.

In response to rumors regarding his gender and possible transition, Mr. Beast’s frequent collaborator Chris Tyson said he was receiving hormone replacement therapy. A lot of people started talking about this on social media and YouTube, which led to the creation of a film that said Chris was now a “nightmare” for MrBeast’s brand and output. In his response, MrBeast attacked much of the discussion around the issue as being transphobic. Chris may, however, be a challenge for YouTube’s top creator, according to xQc.

In response to a comment claiming that MrBeast would not care about the dispute and would not cut him off because they had been friends for so long, xQc addressed it on his stream. xQc said; “He definitely does care, and if the hit is too big, he definitely will cut them off. And I wouldn’t even be mad about that. Why? Because the level of a liability you don’t know how much it’s going to be until it actually gets there. And saying things like, ‘Guys this is a friend and I can’t drop him’ – bro what if this becomes an absolute nightmare? Don’t make statements that you can’t get away from.”

xQc went on to compare the situation to having a friend on stream who was abusing drugs and causing him troubles. He added; “You bet your ass that they’re never coming on stream again. Because he’s just threatening everything.”

xQc received a lot of criticism for his viewpoint in the chat, with one person saying “that’s his brother, not a business partner. MrBeast excluding Chris from videos would have more than just a hit on views. Just think about it.” Some people were truly in agreement, while others were just perplexed by xQc’s argument and unsure of which “side” he was taking.

For the time being, it appears MrBeast is determined to supporting his longtime friend and working companion and responding back to the criticism.