One of the most popular Twitch streamers and former Overwatch League pro known for his Grand Theft Auto (GTA) roleplay streams, Felix Lengyel aka xQc was recently approached by a stranger in NoPixel during a Twitch stream. xQc was then invited to join a hand-picked group of broadcasters in an exclusive roleplay server adaption of the hit Netflix Original Series Squid Game.

On xQc’s October 11th live broadcast, he encountered a guy in the Los Santos underground tunnel who offered him a chance to make money. Given that his roleplay character, Jean-Paul, is known for his criminal exploits, which frequently involve organized bank robberies, xQc was all ears.

After passing a test, xQc was given a card with the symbols circle, triangle, and square imprinted on it. When he looked at the card in his inventory, it said: “This is your invite. Do not give it to somebody else. Open it when you are ready. Number 688.”

The stranger went on to say: “That card has an invitational code upon it. If you were to open it, on the other side is a chip – a chip that embeds a code to your phone. It clipboards some data, a URL. You will paste that [and] it will redirect you to a special server; one that you will have to keep secret and safe. This is just the beginning of your journey into the game.”

xQc then followed the stranger out of the tunnels. The stranger stated to them as they walked, “Now remember, you’re gonna ask zero questions to anyone. You’re gonna tell nobody about this. You’re not gonna show anyone your card. You’re not gonna tell anyone about who you met. None of this ever happened.”

The stranger added as they exited the metro that they were excited to watch how xQc performed and that there was “a lot of competition.” 

xQc’s card appears to be a special invitation to an exclusive custom GTA roleplay server, where he will combat in a GTA rendition of the acclaimed Netflix Original Series Squid Game.