xQc has spoken out about a recent swatting incident, revealing that the cops mistook him for a meth user.

Unfortunately, Twitch streamers being subjected to SWAT raids during streams is nothing new, and has unfortunately become all too common in recent years. Despite this, no SWAT raid story is as bizarre as xQc, who revealed that when police swatted his house, they mistook him for a meth addict.

Swatting is when a prank call is made to the police to report false claims of criminal activity and the SWAT team is dispatched to the target’s residence. In the case of streamers, viewers dial the number in the hopes of witnessing a real-time police raid on the streamer’s home as a form of harassment.

xQc broke his silence on the time he was swatted at his first apartment in Glendale while reacting to some videos from Dirty Data on his previous Twitch stream. He laughed at the absurdity of the police thinking he was using hard drugs as he explained that the SWAT team searched his house for threats or other evidence of a crime in progress saying that they mistook him for a meth addict or something. He was asked when was the last time you ate and that they kept asking and he answered that it was six hours ago. The police still asked him saying that he should tell them the truth, man and asked again when was the last time you ate something. He stand his answer saying that he just told them that it was like six hours ago and then the police asked another hilarious question asking how long has it been since he slept and he answered saying “like, yesterday, man”.

xQc was so perplexed by the cops’ random, unsolicited questions that he claimed they thought he was some “crazy meth head who has been up for days without eating any food.” Despite the police interrogation, xQc stated unequivocally that he is not, and will never be, a meth addict and because of that, he and other streamers in the area were frequently swatted, xQc relocated from Texas to Canada, where he was born, to avoid future swatting incidents.