Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc is perhaps Twitch’s most well-known personality, as seen by his Twitch bans. While many had hoped that the streamer had learned from his recent ban, it appears like xQc has done more than learn from his mistakes.

Twitch streamer xQc risked a possible sixth ban on the platform by going up against one of Hollywood’s greatest stuntmen, the legendary Jackie Chan, in the ultimate test of skill and possibly mental fortitude.

While the streamer demonstrated his outstanding FPS skills, the results made it worthwhile to watch.

xQc was viewing clips from the action star stuntman’s career during a recent stream when the streamer observed a point in the clip where the actor was going to disappear into his drawers. The streamer avoided revealing a near-nude Jackie Chan by becoming pretty creative in a surprising demonstration of pure FPS talent and strategies.

Instead of exposing Chan in his drawers and other parts throughout his stream, the streamer censored them with his face. Not only did the streamer’s response timing appear to be near-perfect, but he also refused to be bothered or startled by a near-naked Jackie Chan.

The streamer, too, didn’t let his viewers get on his nerves. Instead, he let them continue to watch him while his face was obscured by Jackie Chan’s parts on the screen.

Tracking is an important ability to have, especially in the competitive FPS pro circuit, because it allows players to predict their target’s every move and reaction by keeping their crosshair on them at all times. And it turns out, xQc, a former Overwatch pro, hasn’t lost any of his tracking abilities.