Twitch streamer windpress was taken aback after two viewers gave him over $3,000 during a recent livestream.

Large sums of money are frequently given to Twitch content creators by loyal and philanthropic fans, but it is uncommon to see a budding Twitch streamer receive such a large donation.

Windpress was taken aback when a “donation war” erupted on his channel while he was playing A donation war occurs when multiple viewers compete to become the most generous donor on a Twitch streamer’s channel. It’s a little like bidding at an auction.

The donation war at Streamer windpress began when a fan named yyy_ donated $51. This sum alone surprised the streamer, but another fan soon followed suit. The sum gradually grew, and both viewers ended up donating more than $3,000 to the Twitch content creator, completely floored.

In an attempt to compete with yyy_, a viewer known as ElBeanTako donated $2,000 to the cause. What was happening to the Twitch streamer was unbelievable.

While playing an intense game on, the content creator struggled to find the right words to express his emotions and found it difficult to react. yyy_ donated another thousand dollars to match ElBeanTako’s donation, bringing the total to $3,000.

Windpress continued to express gratitude to both donors as his joy grew. The donation war came to an end soon after, and the Twitch content creator streamed for another hour.

Fans in the streamer’s Twitch chatroom were having the time of their lives, as they couldn’t believe how the two viewers tried to outdo each other by donating massive sums of money.

Windpress is a new Twitch content creator who started streaming earlier this year. He has seen phenomenal growth on Twitch, with only seven viewers in January and 646 viewers in May.