TrueGameData is back with more reliable Warzone info, this time explaining why the popular meta Perk Ghost is no longer as viable as it once was, and which alternatives you should use in its place.

Perks have largely remained the same in terms of how they act and how popular they are throughout the life of Call of Duty: Warzone. Since the game’s launch, certain ones, such as Amped, have been in most players’ third slot, while Ghost or Overkill are usually favored for the second slot.

However, a significant change in Warzone Season 2 may cause players to sit up and take notice.

TrueGameData, one of Warzone’s most dependable sources of meta data, has done some research and discovered that there may be better options for the Perk in the future.

The game mode Vanguard Royale in Warzone is the most significant area where Ghost’s new flaws are best highlighted. Vanguard Royale is a new mode for Warzone Pacific in Caldera that only allows players to use weapons and equipment from Sledgehammer Games’ latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

One of Ghost’s strongest features was that it could hide players from enemy UAVs, preventing them from being detected on the map. However, UAVs are no longer available for purchase from Buy Stations in Warzone Season 2.

He then went on to dissect the other Perks in the category, pointing out that ‘Tempered’ has been greatly improved in Season 2, with ‘Armor Plates prioritizing refilling 1 full plate of armor before partially refilling damaged plates.’ This means Tempered will always guarantee two plates, potentially saving your life in tense battle situations.

He goes on to suggest two other Perks that could be used in place of Ghost. High Alert with TrueGameData is another option, though it isn’t particularly strong.

As a result, we recommend that you consider TrueGameData’s recommendations and findings, and possibly swap out Ghost for Tempered, Restock, or see if High Alert works for you.