On November 30, 2022, Rachell “Valkyrae,” a YouTube gaming star, responded live to the newest OfflineTV and Friends video, “babysitting children in among us vr.”

The video included a clip of Twitch celebrity Peter “PeterParkTV” accepting a $30,000 gift from a fan named VulpineRainbow. Valkyrae initially believed the streamer had received a gift of $100 or $1,000. When she discovered the total, she called the 100 Thieves-affiliated streamer and enquired as to whether the donation was legitimate. When PeterParkTV confirmed that the donation was genuine, Valkyrae exclaimed: “That’s crazy!” 

At the beginning of her broadcast, Valkyrae commented on the most recent OfflineTV and Friends video. As was already mentioned, a portion of the 14-minute video showed PeterParkTV receiving a sizable gift. The kind-hearted viewer gave $10,000 in the beginning, but the entire sum was actually $30,000. The co-owner of 100 Thieves said that he made an effort to determine the precise sum that the Twitch celebrity earned. “I don’t… how much is that? Was that a $100, or is this a $1,000? Wait, is this $10,000, or is this $100? Did someone tip $10,000?!” 

When PeterParkTV joined the phone call and instantly hopped onto Discord, she revealed: “Yeah, so some guy tipped me, I think, $30,000 this month. Total.” 

After getting the confirmation, Valkyrae was astonished and reacted as follows: “What?! For free? Wait, oh my god. You have like, an Oiler in your community!”

The donor, according to PeterParkTV, was “Oiler from the old Twitch days,” who concurred: “No, yeah! Yeah, this is a real f***ing Oiler. Like, from like the old Twitch days. You know what I mean? Like, you know, when back in the day, you had a few f***ing Oilers.” 

He then jokingly said he was anticipating a phone call from the IRS informing him that he was a part of a “money-laundering scam”: “Yeah, I don’t know what the f**k happened. Like, I’m still waiting for the IRS to call me and be like, ‘You are part of a f***ing money-laundering scam.”

PeterParkTV continued by claiming that PayPal had closed his account and prevented him from withdrawing the money: “PayPal literally locked my account and won’t let me withdraw money. So like, I’m pretending like, the money’s not even there.” 

Valkyrae reiterated that the scenario was “crazy” as the conversation came to an end. PeterParkTV also stated: “It kind of made me look at sponsor offers and be like, ‘Well, my Oiler gives me more money for free!'”