During a recent stream with friends, internet celebrity and musician ‘Corpse Husband’ went off on a Twitch chat who claimed one of his friends was “annoying.”

With millions of followers across multiple social media platforms, Corpse Husband is a hugely popular influencer. He is best known for his deep voice, but he also has a large fan base due to the mystery surrounding his physical appearance, which he refuses to reveal on stream.

Corpse Husband is a successful musician with millions of streams for his original songs, as well as an entertaining streamer who gets into all sorts of virtual shenanigans with his friend group.

During one of his streams, he and his friends began playing a game of Friday the 13th. He was co-streaming with several other entertainers, including fellow streamer ‘ironmouse,’ who is also known for their voice and is a Virtual YouTuber.

Ironmouse’s voice, in contrast to Corpse Husband’s, is extremely high-pitched, similar to LilyPichu’s.

One viewer in Corpse Husband’s Twitch chat didn’t seem to like ironmouse’s participation in the stream, as they made a fairly pointed remark about their voice being “so annoying.”

It didn’t sit well with Corpse Husband. After reading the comment, he immediately went off on the audience, chastising them for their treatment of one of his friends.

He said that whoever said something about ironmouse should “shut up” and that he’s not going to see that ever again and if he does, they’re “fucked”.

Following the incident, commenters praised Corpse Husband’s action, praising him for standing up for his friends and setting a precedent that no toxicity would be tolerated in his chat.

Corpse appears to have a strong positive attitude in his community, and it appears that he will not abandon it no matter what.