Among the Twitch documents that were leaked earlier this week was a ‘No Ban List,’ which appears to contain the names of exempt streamers.

There has long been speculation that Twitch favors certain popular streamers, especially those who make a lot of money on the platform, by not enforcing the terms of service even when they are clearly broken. This theory was essentially proven true when Twitch streamer Alinity was not banned despite repeatedly treating her cat in a way that many viewers considered abusive.

The idea that Twitch streamers with the biggest audiences aren’t held to the same standards as other content creators has been supported by the platform’s decision to issue bans that many people consider to be a slap on the wrist. Amouranth, for example, was only banned from Twitch for three days after licking the microphone while angling her bum at the camera. While she has been banned for sexual content on several occasions, it has always been for a short period of time with no apparent long-term consequences for repeated violations.

An anonymous person claimed to have hacked Twitch and uploaded a 125 GB file to 4chan on October 6, containing a wealth of content including source code, streamer payout receipts, and encrypted passwords. While the majority of the information in the file has already been revealed, some details are still being revealed, such as a list purporting to be a do-not-ban list of certain content creators.

The list, which was first posted on Twitch streamer Asmongold’s subreddit, includes the names of streamers, as well as a reason why they should not be banned.

The list, which appears to be a snippet of a larger document, also includes a number of other names. The reason for the name “djwheat,” for example, is “underage.” djWHEAT, a Twitch content creator, used to stream games with his son, miniWHEAT. The “underage” flag has been interpreted by some to mean that if djWHEAT’s stream is ever reported for having an underage child on screen, moderators should disregard the report because it has already been investigated and given the green light. If this interpretation is correct, the list includes the names of content creators such as Tyler1 and RiceGum who should not be banned for the stated reasons.