Tyler “Trainwreckstv,” a well-known Twitch streamer, tweeted on November 30 that he would resume streaming sponsored by gambling on December 1st.

The broadcaster is most known for his online slot streams. However, Twitch decided to forbid illegal gambling sites that could “expose” the site to “potential harm” after receiving criticism from the streaming community earlier this year. It should be emphasized, however, that Twitch continues to permit poker, fantasy sports, and sports betting. Tyler even recently placed some bets on the FIFA World Cup. 

The creator recently stated that the platform was “boring” and he would be going back to full-fledged gambling streams. He wrote: “DEC 1ST – GAMBLING STREAMS RETURN”

Trainwreckstv has not streamed any slot machine games on his channel since Twitch’s policy modification went into effect on October 18. In a video captioned LAST GAMBLING STREAM ON TWITCH, he last broadcast gambling more than a month ago. In addition, the broadcast has recently grown in popularity, receiving over two million views as of this writing.

One of the four gambling websites that the platform forbids is stake.com. In a formal announcement, Twitch also listed the websites Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com, and Roobet.com as being banned.