Several streamers with ties to esports organizations based in the United Kingdom have been named among Twitch’s most popular female streamers.

Nihachu, a German streamer signed to Guild Esports in the United Kingdom, is currently ranked as the No.6 most popular female streamer in 2021, while Fnatic’s Swedish streamer Loeya is ranked 16th.

Sweet Anita, a streamer from the UK ranked 17th in the Top20. In December 2020, the variety streamer will host VY Esports’ LuudoFest gaming event.

Aroyitt (11th, Mad Lions) and 39daph are two other streamers on the list who have ties to esports organizations (20th, Sentinels).

Pokimane, the Moroccan-Canadian with over 8 million Twitch followers, was named the most popular woman streamer in 2021, which may come as no surprise to many.

MrQ compiled the Twitch Women Index, which also looked at some of Twitch’s highest-earning female streamers. He said the data for the study was gathered using a variety of sources, including social media follower counts, TwitchTracker to track each streamer’s average annual Twitch views, Twitch follower count, and the number of subscriptions broken down by tier.

Researchers use the information above to assign a ‘normalised score out of ten’ to each streamer and factors for which figures unavailable for any streamers were excluded from the final average.

According to the researchers, the data was correct as of July 2021.