Pokimane recently announced she would stay on Twitch, and has started speaking out against the use of the term “simp” to attack other people. 

Pokimane claims that the term promotes “sexism” and “misogyny.” She contends that the term’s use as an insult has turned into a strategy for discouraging men from standing up for women or denouncing abusive behavior.

Over the past few years, “simp” has entered the lexicon of the internet. It is typically used to describe someone who goes above and beyond to help or be kind to someone who might not feel the same way about them. 

A man who supports a woman online is a frequent target of this accusation. The accusation of being a “simp” implies that a person is only being kind to another person out of attraction and a desire to gain their affection.

Pokimane recently criticized this use of the phrase. She continued by saying that in the past, her male friends and peers have failed to protect her from online abuse out of fear of being called a “simp.” But this isn’t the first time Pokimane has stood up for her ideals.

In regards to gambling sponsorships, she set firm boundaries earlier this year. She made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t accept money from anyone who exploits others. Pokimane claimed that the problem wasn’t the amount of money that organizations would pay her in exchange for a sponsorship but rather how the system was set up to harm people.

Pokimane has previously brought up the subject of sexism in online culture and streaming. She has previously talked about the “glass ceiling” that women streamers experience. She pointed out that because there are fewer women and they stand out from the crowd, women have an easier time breaking into streaming. 

However, after that, there is a cap on the number of subscribers or levels of success they can achieve. She has also been very candid about her own difficulties and the tragic situations that streamers, particularly women streamers, can find themselves in.

Pokimane appears to be making an effort to reverse this pattern, and so far, she has had great success. Recently, her Twitch channel surpassed 9 million subscribers. She now seems to be speaking out for other women and fighting the online sexism she has experienced using her platform and popularity. Maybe her readers will think twice about using the word “simp” in the future and ponder what it really means.