A Minecraft project aimed at teaching young people about climate change, the environment, and flooding has been launched.

The Rivercraft experience, which was created in collaboration between Microsoft, the UK’s Environment Agency, and Archbishop Temple School in Preston, England, is available today (April 5th).

The experience is based on a £54.7 million flood risk management scheme in Preston and South Ribble, and it makes use of Minecraft: Education Edition to provide global access to climate change lessons.

The experience includes three different games, all of which provide flood risk information. Players in “Managing Flooding” construct flood defenses and prevention measures, whereas “Flood Prevention” investigates how an individual’s actions help to mitigate climate change. Finally, “Our Local Environment” will provide players with a digital workbook and camera in Minecraft, as well as the task of locating local wildlife.

The Rivercraft world in Minecraft is based on a real-life flood risk management scheme in Preston, which will protect 4,700 homes in the area from flooding. Construction began in October 2021 and is expected to be completed by summer 2023.