The Sniper Rifles didn’t make as much of an impact on Warzone‘s meta as Vanguard’s weapons did when they first arrived. The majority of players stuck with the classic Modern Warfare Kar98k and Swiss K31 due to a lot of flinching and scope sway.

Pro player IceManIsaac has revealed a 3-Line Rifle loadout that “feels like hitscan” thanks to buffs in Warzone Pacific Season 2’s update.

Hitscan is a game design in which bullets do not exist as physical objects and instead land exactly where the player points when they click. While there are no hitscan weapons in Warzone, IcemanIsaac has made Vanguard’s 3-Line feel as if there are.

While the 3-Line has always felt like hitscan to him, the Empress 514mm F01 barrel now has a 17 percent increase in velocity, making it “legitimately feel like a hitscan sniper, I feel like I’m playing Halo sometimes,” according to the streamer.

He claims that all you have to do is click on their head, and the bullet will almost instantly land, eliminating the need to lead moving targets or compensate for bullet drop.

The Empress 514mm F01 barrel gives the 3-Line such a high bullet velocity that it feels like hitscan . The rest of the attachments are designed to improve the scope’s range and ADS time, with the Silent Focus Perk helping to reduce scope sway.

It can be “a little bit unwieldy at times,” according to Isaac, because moving around while aiming causes the reticle to bounce all over the place. You’ll be as accurate as any of the other snipers if you stop and hold your breath.

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