After months of refining the competitive landscape of Verdansk, the Doritos Disruptor Series ft. Swagg, which was powered by Twitch Rivals, was a three-player custom lobby tournament that spanned six games and included a number of restrictions and rules.

With only a few weeks until the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard and a complete overhaul of Warzone, Twitch and Doritos put on an absolute show for the community.

Here’s a rundown of the $25k event, as well as a full recap of the delicious Doritos-fueled action.

The tournament was live streamed on the official Twitch Rivals channel and the Doritos Twitch channel. In addition, fans could watch the tournament on all of the top streamers’ channels if they only wanted to watch one POV.

On Monday, October 4th, the tournament began at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. BST.

$25k Doritos Warzone is a Twitch Rivals format.

In this tournament, 49 trios arrived in Verdansk to compete in six games, earning points for kills and placement multipliers. While the full ruleset can be found on the tournament page, here are some of the main restrictions and changes from this tournament:

No Riot shields

No launchers (including Combat Bow and Crossbows)

No shotguns

No Stoner 63

No Akimbo pistol

No snipers

Exceptions: HDR, AX-50, and the Tundra

No melee weapons

Exceptions: Knife

No tacticals allowed

Some of Warzone’s biggest names competed in this tournament. While Swagg was a sure thing, we also saw Tommey, Aydan, HusKerrs, and others descend on Verdansk to compete for the top prize.

This was the first tournament in the Doritos Disruptor Series, which wraps up in the Doritos Bowl. Other tournament captains include ItsHafu, Tyler1, and iTzTimmy, with Swagg leading the way in the Warzone portion.