Shogo ‘takej’ Takemori, a member of the Japanese team ZETA DIVISION, has been suspended for three months after it was discovered that he had boosted another player’s account.

Following an investigation begun on September 29th, ZETA DIVISION declared on their official website on October 1 that takej had been suspended without pay for three months. According to the statement, takej was discovered to have boosted an account belonging to an unidentified acquaintance using a smurf Valorant account belonging to Takaaki Natsushiro, a content creator for ZETA DIVISION.

The decision was made in order to achieve ZETA DIVISION’s aim of being a “gaming organization that leads the gaming culture.”

ZETA DIVISION said in a statement, “For this reason, we prohibit not only cheating and violating the terms of use of the game, but also any kind of behavior that undermines fairness and lacks morality in game play, in both player and streamer contracts”.

Takej had expressed regret for his behavior, according to ZETA DIVISION, and Natsushiro had pushed him to play on the smurf account. However, the organization believes that, as a professional player, Takej has an important responsibility to lead the competitive scene and assure fairness, and that his activities must be dealt with “severely.”

Takej has been ordered to refrain from posting on social media websites for the duration of his suspension, in addition to not receiving his wage or participating in any player activity for the next three months.

Takej had previously tweeted about raising CS:GO accounts using an alt account on the social networking platform, according to ZETA DIVISION. However, because the game’s matching allows players of different ranks to queue together, the Japanese organization concluded that the action is not punishable, though they did order the individual to erase the infringing Twitter account.