In response to a fan’s question about whether he prefers YouTube to Twitch after his historic move, Sykkuno claimed that the best thing about Twitch had nothing to do with the platform itself.

Sykkuno announced a surprise move to YouTube after reportedly being offered a “ridiculous” amount of money to make the switch after exploding in popularity on Twitch over the last couple of years.

He’s since spoken out about the decision, admitting that a major blunder by Twitch influenced his decision and that he felt “replaceable” on the platform. He now claims that the best part of his former Twitch home had nothing to do with them.

After a fan inquired about his preference for YouTube over Twitch. He explained that he has never felt a strong connection to Twitch. Instead, it was about his bond with fans and viewers in chat, as well as the fun they had together, which he can still do on YouTube.

Sykkuno, like other Twitch to YouTube streamers, has adapted well to his new environment. He currently has just under 3 million subscribers, which is slightly less than his Twitch following of 4 million.

Sykkuno’s average viewership isn’t far off the mark, and his growth trajectory appears promising. He’s already well on his way to re-establishing his community following the big move, it’s fair to say.