Tony Kanaan, winner of the Indianapolis 500, spoke with Jaryd Russell “summit1g” Lazar about his new virtual racing gear.

For quite some time, the streamer has been camping on iRacing. Because of his influence on the game, he received personal assistance from Tony Kanaan and professional coach David Sampson. To top it off, Kanaan himself will be giving Lazar a special gift.

Jaryd Russell “Summit1g” Lazar, or simply “Summit,” has been grinding races on iRacing, a subscription-based esports racing service, for the past few weeks.

After Summit1g began playing it, the game gained a lot of traction and time in the spotlight within the Twitch community. During a recent stream, his efforts paid off when he was able to speak with Tony Kanaan, a Brazilian racing professional, as well as David Sampson, a simulator coach and esports manager.

Tony Kanaan talked to Summit1g and said that he would be getting his own personalized and improved racing gear for the game.

Tony Kanaan has a lot of experience with virtual reality racing, especially with the iRacing platform. David Sampson is the manager of the Kanaan Esports team, a collaboration between the two, and has been on the platform for over a decade. He also broadcasts and uploads videos about racing.

Summit1iRacing g’s experience has piqued the interest of viewers who have only recently discovered the platform. For more than two weeks, the content creator has been streaming the game.