After the team “love raided” Ludwig and his followers’ livestream, emerging TheExecs expressed their gratitude to them.

In the streaming community, Ludwig has made a name for himself as a very giving creator, both to his viewers and fellow streamers. By doing this, he has contributed to the development of one of the most devoted streaming fan bases, along with his as of this writing 3.31 million YouTube subscribers.

Never was that more evident than on July 11, when Ludwig and his supporters broke into the livestream of a lesser-known creator. Then, Ludwig’s supporters showed up in force, showering the Twitch streamer with an astounding number of subs and even more encouraging messages.

Twitch streamers Christina and TheExecs shared the experience of when YouTube star Ludwig and his fans “raid” their stream without their knowledge.

Ed watched in disbelief as he was suddenly hit with a barrage of subscribers and encouraging messages in his chat. Ludwig himself was astounded by his followers’ amazing work. especially given the 10,000% increase in Ed’s hype train.

TheExecs were understandably overwhelmed by the “wholesome” gesture; they currently have 7k Twitch followers. Later, they used Twitter to thank Ludwig and his supporters in a lengthy message.

Ludwig also expressed his support for the streaming couple after the moment moved thousands of his Twitter followers.